Can I let someone borrow my card?
Rights and privileges associated with your RowanCard are non-transferable. Students should not lend their card to friends or give them any passwords associated with the RowanCard accounts. Students will be held accountable for all financial and business transactions conducted with their RowanCard. Students should always carry their RowanCard with them as proof of who they are and their affiliation with the university.

What if I find someone else's card?

Found cards should be returned to the Student Center Information Desk, just outside of the MarketPlace, or call 856-256-GONE for further instructions. Attempting to use a lost/stolen card, for any purpose will be considered theft.

What if I lose my card?
Log in to the eAccounts portal and click on the “card services” tab then click Deactivate Card. You can also call (856) 256-GONE (4663) to report your card lost.

To replace a RowanCard, students should simply go to the Student Center Information Desk during normal business hours. There is a card replacement fee of $25. Students have to contact the Card Office to reactivate accounts after receiving the replacement card.

Who is eligible?

The RowanCard is required for all Rowan students, faculty and staff as their identification card.

If I'm on a meal plan can I still use the RowanCard?
Absolutely! Students can draw upon three accounts when using the RowanCard—the Meal Plan, Dining Dollars and 'Boro Bucks account. Be aware that Dinning Dollars can only be used for food purchases on-campus ONLY. 'Rowan Bucks can be used for food as well as any other purchase wherever the RowanCard is accepted on- and off-campus.

How do I open my 'Rowan Bucks account?

Every person who is issued a RowanCard also has the option of using his or her RowanCard 'Rowan Bucks. There is no need to “open” this account, simply make a deposit and then use your card at any of the participating locations.

How do I close my account?

The funds on the RowanCard automatically roll over from one semester to the next and year to year. Upon withdrawal from school or termination of employment, the RowanCard will be closed and a refund will be issued for balances over $10.00. Graduating students with balances over $10.00 will receive a refund check during the summer months.